22 Jan

WSJ says: “Big Money Gets Into Landlord Game”. Why not follow ?

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McKinley Capital Partners, an investment company that’s at the forefront of a new breed of big-money landlords. McKinley, which has acquired more than 300 foreclosed single-family homes in the Bay Area over the past two years, recently teamed up with Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC, a New York hedge fund, with plans to buy at least 500 more foreclosed homes in the next year. …. Carrington Property Services LLC, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based property investment company that manages about 4,500 homes nationally, is in talks with investors to raise funds for a real-estate investment trust, to be called Residential National Trust, which would acquire foreclosed homes for rental. The company plans to buy as many as 5,000 more rental homes in markets including Chicago, Miami, Phoenix and Las Vegas…… read more.

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