Buy A Home in USA

Why buy a home in the USA ?

The United States is the land of Freedom and Liberty. The United States of America allows foreign investors to buy freehold properties anywhere in the United States.

We at “Buy Home In US” believe that the Foreclosure Crisis presents an opportunity of a lifetime for foreign investors to buy properties in the USA.

Here are some reasons why buying now is one of the best investment theme in the world:

  • USA is a safe haven and its legal system is very safe and protects land ownership.
  • Prices are well below replacement cost
  • Prices are 1/3 to 1/2 of original values during the peak (2005-2006)
  • US Prices are the cheapest in the developed world (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe).
  • Mortgage interest rates are at a record low (even for foreign nationals)
  • Rental yields are very attractive (8-10% net p/a)
  • US$ exchange rate is at a very low point

Read more about the steps in the how to guide on buying a home in the United States.

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